Privacy Policy

This website is meant for people anywhere in the world to provide them the service of sending flowers to Dubai by selecting a suitable gift item online and submitting order form direct to the shop, which handles the delivery.

Sender, Recipient and this Flower Shop

Sender is the person who uses this online service to send flowers to Dubai. Recipient is the one who receive the flowers in Dubai. Flower shop that provides this facility is the one that undertake the work of receiving order, processing it, arranging the item and delivering it to the recipient directly without using any intermediary to execute the order.

Information sharing between sender and flower shop

Sender need to give the address for delivery, message to be written in a greeting card and some information like contact details and email id. These details are meant to execute the order and will not be used by this florist for any other purpose, or it will not be shared with any other third party.

Information between and the recipient, which is referred as the flower shop here in the document, has the responsibility to deliver the ordered item. We may need to contact the recipient to find out the address if it is not complete. Name of the sender and the message given by him are the only details passed on to the recipient upon delivery. Details of payment for flowers, source of it, or amount will not be disclosed to the recipient. If there is no sender name written along with the message, it will not be passed on to the recipient unless requested otherwise.

Information on Use of ServiceOnly this flower shop, which handles the order and delivery, would know about a particular service being used by a sender. No external parties would be eligible to know about this personal service. No one else other than the sender and recipient calling to know about a particular flower delivery would be provided any information on a transaction.

Payment by credit card and related information has collaborated with and to process the payments from sender. Website does not take any information on credit card directly. The customer is redirected to the chosen payment gateway. Credit card number used by the sender is masked in the sales receipt and thus not known to anyone in this flower shop. We do not process payment by credit card on behalf of the customer. We do not take credit card number by phone, fax or email as sender need to make the payment transaction himself or herself.

For any information on order, payment or the service, sender and recipient can contact customer service of anytime between 7 am and 9 pm U.A.E time on
00971504708371 or