Flowers in Basket

Flowers in Basket

In this style, flowers are arranged in willow basket of suitable size and shape.

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  • Memento – 30 Red Roses Arrangement for Gift Delivery AED : 351

    Memento – 30 Red Roses

    Basket of 30 red roses assembled in shape of a pyramid. Roses are arranged in a willow woven basket suitably with folded leaves around. A red color ribbon bow is added to the basket. It has a height of around 70 cm and it can be altered if required. The number of roses can be increased and its color can be changed according to your wish. Home delivery everywhere in Dubai is offered with a free message card.

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  • Glittering Glory – 75 Mixed Roses Basket AED : 575

    Glittering Glory –75 Mixed Roses Basket

    Colorful roses artistically arranged with green leaves in a willow woven basket. These mixed roses basket include 75 flowers having red, pink, white, yellow and orange colors. A suitable off white ribbon bow is added. Free home delivery and message card is available for the same price anywhere in Dubai.

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  • 100 white roses makes big difference AED : 771

    Big Difference – 100 White Roses

    Big Difference - 100 white roses are arranged circularly in a basket. Gypsophila fillers are used in order to fill the gap between neatly arranged white rose flowers. This gift is something special and big for any occasion. White ribbon bow is added to the basket. Ask for free delivery at same price.

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  • Healthy Heavenly Flowers Gift AED : 242

    Healthy Heavenly

    About 30 flowers in yellow and white color decorated as a short arrangement. Ribbon on the handle of round basket and suitable fillers add to the beauty. It can be home delivered anywhere in Dubai as per online order at the same price $66.

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  • Bright blooms flower bouquet AED : 253

    Bright Blooms

    Six blooms of Pink lilies, chrysanthemum, carnations, roses, iris to make a total of 29 flowers in the basket including delivery. Pink, blue, red, yellow colors used with green leaves as fillers.

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  • Love is expressed by sending flowers AED : 294


    Upper class variety of 23 red roses  are selected and arranged in L Shape on a container with watered sponge. Steel grass and other suitable leaves are set to make it retain its natural beauty. L for Love is available all 365 days a year for free delivery in Dubai. Total height is about 60 cm.

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