Best Wishes

AED : 220

Garden fresh pink and red roses neatly set in a glass vase. The flowers are arranged with suitable green and white gypsophila fillers and a light pink ribbon bow is added. Order this bouquet online from along with a custom card bearing your personalized message. Free and same day home delivery in Dubai is possible between 10 AM and 8 PM including holydays.


Statement of Love and Appreciation

People have credited symbolic significance to flowers for many long years. Roses have no exception from this. However, generally associated with romance, their meanings vary much with colors. Apart from a usual single color rose bouquet, this combination of pink and red roses comes together to form a symbolic blend of romance and passion. Pink roses are related with feelings of gratitude and appreciation whereas red roses symbolize passion, love, and desire.

These mixed roses in one bouquet make a statement of both love and appreciation. This mixed arrangement is more vital than a bunch of entire pink or completely red roses. Red represents beauty and courage whilst pink flowers symbolize happiness and youth. A bouquet of pink and red roses is an ideal gift for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries as it expresses not only fascination but also gratefulness. Best Wish bouquet also makes a wonderful birthday gift for young girls.

Set off a Gentle Romance

It is true that one cannot really go wrong with flowers as the perfect gift for any occasion. Be sure to pay attention to the color when you are choosing flowers. A bouquet of pink and red roses gets it right every time to start a gentle and respectful romance. Pink roses tell your affection that may turn into deep love and red roses shows your passion and desire. This can be used to reveal your innocent love that has not yet flourished into an obsession. The recipient of this bouquet is assured that he or she is approved for having certain qualities and decorum. This is also an apt present for loved ones getting married or newly married couples as a symbol of unity and a good start of relationships. Pretty, flirty and delicate pink and red roses make it ideal color to warm up relationships.

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