Harmony Speaks – 12 Orange Roses

AED : 198

12 orange roses are set along with white gypsophila fillers and leaves in a glass vase. A suitable wrapping can be added free of cost. There is no extra charge for delivery when A.E.D 198 is paid for Harmony Speaks bouquet. Add the message to be given along with flowers so that we can print on a greeting card and attach.


Orange Roses: Desire, Enthusiasm and Passion

Dazzling orange roses are beautiful and charming. They convey many tones of emotions and feelings. The beauty and brilliance of these 12 orange roses is simply stunning and we can ingeniously use this light up color to indicate the intense heat of passion. The smoldering shade also expresses an equally deep desire for the loved one. Although the fiery tint indicates desire and passion, they are apposite for sending any message of enthusiasm. Blend of friendly yellow and romantic red shows fascinating meaning of love emerging from friendship whether it is thanks, appreciation or blessings. A bouquet of these balmy blossoms is the perfect gift to prove anyone special how passionately you care. Whatever feelings you might be bubbling over with, orange roses will get the message across with both liveliness and elegance. Send Harmony Speaks bouquet from FlowersDubai.ae and make a strong impression with fiery 12 orange roses hand bouquet delivered anywhere and on any day in Dubai.

“I am proud of you” – Say with Orange Roses

With their blazing energy, orange roses are the most luminous among rose family. As vibrant as the glowing evening skies they convey some equally influential emotions. Fascination and unlimited energy are other implication. When you are very infatuated and completely obsessed by somebody, send them these 12 orange roses. They have been seen as a bridge between amity symbolized by yellow roses and affection represented by red roses and celebrates all new beginnings. Though an open assertion of longing is the most obvious symbolism related with the orange roses, fervor, pride, best wishes are also some other meanings of them. If you are privileged to be allied with someone, and believe that, he or she ought to have to be praised, and then give him or her bunch of 12 orange roses. They will say, “I am so proud of you".

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