AED : 198

A cute medium sized glass vase bouquet of 20 purple orchids. An appropriate purple ribbon bow is added. It comes with a price of AED 228/-. You can also add a personal message with this gift that is to be handed over anywhere in Dubai without any additional cost.



Convey Secret Message with 20 Purple Orchids

Orchids are famed for rare beauty and they represent love. Unlike other flowers, orchids have a symmetrical shape. We can use them to convey special messages. It has been related to virility for a long time. Ancient Greek believes eating orchid root tubers could determine the sex of fetus. They used to present orchids to expecting couples. If you have an alluring love to someone and want to convey a secret message, then these 20 purple orchids are the excellent approach. You can admire a man’s strength or a woman’s beauty by sending these 20 purple orchids. It also symbolizes elegance and peace.

Add a Royal Touch with 20 Purple Orchids

Man began to exchange emotions using flowers in Victorian era. English people thought orchids as symbol of luxury whereas Japanese believed them as symbols of royalty and wealth. Once purple orchids were rare and only rich could afford them. However, things are different now. You can get orchids in reasonable price. Give respect to somebody you like with these elegant 20 purple orchids bouquet. . Purple is the color of royalty and purple orchids deliver unusual message of love. These rare flowers show your deeper love and affection towards your favorite one. It surely reflects your dignity.

Turn on Your Mood on Any Day

Orchids are the most exotic plants in the world they stand for delicate beauty. It originated from a Greek word and as the meaning indicates, they are associated with flirtatious wish. Its presence put up numerous moods. Get your partner seductive on a spring holiday and let her know your tempting desire with this bouquet of 20 purple orchids. Give some joyful moments that make her happy and leave a smile on her face. It creates a long lasting impression. In addition, you can admire her beauty.

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