Awakening Process –White Calla Lilies

AED : 250

Long stemmed calla lilies beautifully arranged with green palm leaves in a clear glass vase. This vase of 10 white calla lilies brimming with purity and freshness is perfect for all the auspicious moments of life. At, we offer free and quick fresh flower delivery along with a message card anywhere in Dubai. Login to our website and make your preferences of date and time.


Innocence, Purity and Majesty

Graceful and courteous, white calla lilies bring infinite attachment to mind. These flowers are handy and are ideal for diverse occasions, including marriages, anniversaries, memorial ceremonies as well as other romantic holidays and instances. Send these 10 glorious white calla lilies in a glass vase to express your sincere emotions and thoughts. White lilies symbolize chastity and virtue while calla lilies represent magnificence and beauty.

White calla lilies combine these two attributes with purity and innocence associated with the colour white to make it the perfect choice as a wedding bouquet. Being a symbol of humility and devotion, lilies are the sixth-anniversary flower. They are also known as the May birth flower. With its ivory white petals and flourishing green leaves, this elegant bloom is something pretty to place in a vase. They are traditional symbols of divinity, marital bliss and true devotion. The exquisite vase is appropriate for any occasion that involves major transitions, rebirths and new beginnings. However, they have also used at funerals to represent sympathy and the purification of a departed soul.

Symbol of Lust and Seductiveness

Flowers associated with certain feelings and ideas for thousands of years. White calla lilies have a long history and a major role in ancient Greek and Roman mythology. They believed as sprouted from the milk of the queen of the Gods. These majestic blooms have meant different things at different periods in history and it is an interesting case because it carries with it contradictory meanings. For the ancient Romans, lilies symbolized lust and seductiveness because of their pistils, which considered very phallic. However, with the rise of Christianity, the white calla lilies were thought to represent goodness and purity, and was associated with the Virgin Mary. Both cultures considered calla lilies to be symbols of fertility and abundance. White calla lilies have become common in wedding ceremonies, but in contrast, they also associated with death.

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