Gentle Devotion – 100 Pink Roses

AED : 690

100 pink roses closely arranged in spherical shape as a big hand bouquet. The flowers are wrapped beautifully in off white color with palm leaves around. A light rose ribbon bow is also added. In addition, one free message card is available for delivery anywhere in Dubai.


100 Pink Roses to Wish Long Happy Married Life

Pink roses, as by their charming color expresses happiness and joy. They are often seen in bridal arrangements as they symbolize gentleness and grace. A bouquet of pink roses has deep significance when given or received as gifts for weddings or anniversaries. Pink is for dignity and 100 stands for a long period. Gentle Devotion a big bouquet of 100 pink roses, is a noble gift for wishing happy and long married life to any loving souls you adore most. Convey a message of love and prayers with these 100 pink roses on their wedding day or anniversary.

Love, Gratitude and Appreciation

Roses are often related with love and romance. However, pink roses are not given the intense significance as that of red rose love. They symbolize elegance, gentility, and poetic romance and can be a sign of respect. Therefore, they can be exploited to convey emotions and feelings for a wide spectrum of love. Light pink roses are used to express admiration and sympathy whereas dark pink shows gratitude and appreciation. These 100 pink roses will surely make an everlasting impression of gentle love and respect. Send this exquisite bouquet to your loved one and refresh sweet memories of a romantic love and devotion.

Pink Roses for Femininity

Generally speaking, blue for boys and pink for girls have been a custom regarding the color for a long time. Nobody is sure about the facts in this myth. However, pink roses have been traditionally associated with femininity. Perhaps, the delicate blossom that resembles women’s innocent love may be the reason. Pink roses are usually regarded as the flowers of sweet thoughts and gentle emotions. They indicate a pure and gentle love that may turn into deep love and passion. With this in mind, reveal your gentle devotion to a lovely friend with these 100 pink roses.

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